The Fox and the Grape

日期:2009-10-15 10:20:35    阅读:2647



          A Fox,just at the time of the vintage, stole into a vineyard where the ripe sunny Grapes were trellised up on high in most tempting show. He made many a spring and a jump after the luscious prize,but,failing in all his attempts,he muttered as he retreated: "Well! What does matted! The Grapes are sour!"
2·just at the time of the vintage  正当采收葡萄酿酒的时候
3·stole into a vineyard     偷偷溜进葡萄园
4·trellised  up  on  high    用棚架往上撑高
5·made many a spring and a jump作了许多次跳跃, many  a = many
6·after the luscious prize             以那令它垂涎的甘美珍品为目标