The Lost Ring

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          By the time she got the box open. Nancy was so excited that she could hardly contain herself . Eagerly she removed the cotton surrounding the small object inside the box, and held it up to the light. It glittered and sparkled-made alive by the bright sunlight pouring through the large picture window.
          Nancy turned the object slowly in her hands, first this way and then that way. It continued to sparkle and shine as if it had a light of its own. She gave a little squeal of delight. Her diamond engagement ring had been found and returned to her, just as the woman on the phone had promised.
          For two weeks, Nancy had almost become a nervous wreck after losing the ring on the subway. She has placed ads in the newspapers and over the radio, offering a reward for the return of the ring. And, she had almost given up hope when the telephone call came.
           A kind, elderly female voice informed her that she had found the ring wedged in a seat cushion. She had called, she said, to ascertain the exact address and had promised to return the ring by insured mail the next day. And then she had added sweetly:
            "There's no need to send a reward either. I lost my engagement ring once when I was young,and some kind, unknown person returned it to me the next day. I fell I'm only paying back an old debt of gratitude."
            Nancy had thanked the finder profusely land asked her name, but the other woman had said that it wasn't important.
            And now,here was the ring once again in her hand. She slipped it once again on her finger and breathed a huge sigh of relief.
l,could hardly contain oneself       几乎不能自制
2·picture  window    观景窗
3·as if              仿佛 ,好像;后面跟的是比较状语从句。
4·a little squeal of delight          高兴地轻轻一声尖叫
5·diamond engagement ring   钻石定婚戒指
6·a nervous wreck                 一个神经极度受损的人,落魄者
7·ad       广告 (ad是 advertisement的缩写.)
8·almost...when   几乎就要……这时
g·wedge  in       嵌在……里,楔人
l0·insured  mail     保价邮件
11·thank....profusely   感激不尽,千恩万谢
12·breathe a huge sigh of relief大大地松了一口气