acquiring company 收购公司

bad loan 呆帐

chart of cash flow 现金流量表

clearly-established ownership 产权清晰

diversity of equities 股权多元化

economy of scale 规模经济

emerging economies 新兴经济

exchange-rate regime 汇率机制

fund and financing 筹资融资

global financial architecture 全球金融体系

global integration, globality 全球一体化,全球化

growth spurt (经济的)急剧增长

hedge against 套期保值

housing mortgage 住房按揭

holdings 控股,所持股份

holding company 控股公司

initial offerings 原始股

initial public offerings 首次公募

innovative business 创新企业

intellectual capital 智力资本

inter-bank lending 拆借

investment payoff period 投资回收期

joint-stock 参股

means of production 生产要素

(the)medical cost social pool for major diseases 大病医疗费用社会统筹

mergers and acquisitions 并购

mobile-phone banking 移动电话银行业


moods 人气

offering 新股

online-banking 网上银行业

online-finance 在线金融

paper profit 帐面收益

physical assets 有形资产

project fund system 项目资本金制度

recapitalize 资产重组

regional corrency blocks 地区货币集团

share(stock) option 期权,股票认购权

smart card 智能卡

spare capacity 闲置的生产能力

strong growth 强劲的增长势头

switch trade 转手贸易

tap the idle assets 盘活存量资产

transaction (银行的)交易

transfer payment from the exchequer 财政转移支付

venture-capital 风险资本

virtual bank 虚拟银行

wire transfer 电子转帐

account number 帐目编号

to counter sign 双签

cheque,check 支票

cheque book 支票本

order cheque 记名支票

bearer cheque 不记名支票

crossed cheque 横线支


cheque stub, counterfoil 票根

cash cheque 现金支票

traveler's cheque 旅行支票

cheque for transfer 转帐支票

outstanding cheque 未付支票

canceled cheque 已付支票

forged cheque 伪支票

Bandar's note 庄票,银票

local bank 本地银行

domestic bank 国内银行

overseas bank 国外银行

unincorporated bank 钱庄

branch bank 银行分行

trustee savings bank 信托储蓄银行