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一、And 用在数字或数学概念中,表示相加
Six and seven is thirteen. 六加七等于十三。
The area of a triangle is equal to half the product of the base and the perpendicular border=1 Height. 三角形的面积等于二分之一底乘高。
在带分数中,and也表示相加。翻译时要按汉语中数字的习惯说法处理,并注意half, quarter等的译法。例如:
On the average, oceans are two and one third miles deep. 海洋的平均深度为二又三分之一英里。

在between +数字+ and +数字的短语中,and等于介词to,译为到,或用破折号或波浪号来表示。例如:
1.Thelamp lights when the transistor temperature probe is connected to the rear panel and its temperature is between-20~60C. 当晶体管测温器接到后板上并且其温度在-20度到60度之间时,这盏灯就亮了。

2. Tests were performed in stirred tanks, with volumes between 5 and 50 liters. 试验是在一些搅拌槽中进行的,槽的容积介于5升至50升之间。
也可以直接用介词 to代替and。例如:
3. The incubation period is most frequently between 7 to 21 days.孵化期大多为7到21天。

二、And前后的两部分表示同时发生的动作,或同时存在的属性、特征等可译为又……又……、既……又……、一方面……,一方面……、而等。 例如:
1. The process of oxidation in human body gives off heat slowly and regularly. 人体内的氧化过程缓慢而又有规则地放出热量。
2. If a body is acted upon by a number of forces and still remains motionless, the body is said to be in equilibrium. 如果一个物体受到几个力的作用而仍然保持静止,那么该物体处于平衡状态。
3. The whole equipment can be assembled and dismantled in a matter of hours. 整套设备可以在几小时内安装或拆卸完毕。

三、And之后的部分,有时具有让步意义 and = though,这时可译为虽然。例如:
Several disadvantages tend to limit the use of hydraulic controls and they do offer many distinct advantages. 液压控制虽有许多突出的优点,但也存在一些缺陷,使其应用范围受到了限制。

1)The patient is getting worse and worse. 患者的病情在不断恶化。
2)The power output becomes lower and lower by overloading. 超负荷造成功率输出越来越低。
1)We completely and totally agree to the project put for ward by them. 我们完全同意他们提出的方案。
2)The end and aim of the book is explained in the preface. 本书的宗旨在前言中作了说明。
We need to know and we need to know as much as possible in order to adapt to the sort of changes in all aspects of science that will fall upon us like a tidal wave. 为了适应各个科学领域发生的巨大变化,我们需要大量的知识。

1. When correcting, pay close attention to the seventh and last graph in the translation. 改稿时请密切注意译文的第七段,即最后一段。
2. We have come to the last and most important step of the experiment. 我们的实验现在已经到了最后一个也是最重要的一个阶段。

1. Allow me to go and measure the pressure again. 请允许我再测一次压力。
2. He told me that he would come and help with our design when his work was over. 他告诉我,他忙完后,会来帮助我们进行设计。

七、有时and前面的部分表示原因或条件,后面的部分表示结果 and=so that,译为因此、所以、从而等。例如:
1. Sound is carried by air, and without air there can be no sound. 声音靠空气传播,因此没有空气也就没有声音。
2. After firing the torpedoes the forward part would lose weight and the submarine would be out of balance. 鱼雷发射后,潜艇前部的重量会减少,因此它就会失去平衡。
3.Aluminiumis used as the engineering material for planes and spaceships and it is both light and tough. 因为铝质轻而韧性好,所以被用作制造飞机和宇宙飞船的工程材料。
4.Reproductionprovides new generations and makes possible the continuation of race. 繁殖产生新的后代,从而使种族得以延续。